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"I showed these to my brother a few weeks ago, and he said, “These are a good example of buying an expensive product will always be the cheapest”. Yes, they’re pricey, but not expensive, especially when you compare the money we spend on our bikes and trucks. You’re buying a $5000 bike or a $50k truck, but want a cheap tailgate pad to protect them? Let's not forget a Thule T2 hitch mount is $500, and it’ll only hold 2 bikes. The full Tsuga system is roughly half that price for the same amount of bikes. In the end, there’s no doubt in my mind these will keep your bike and truck from damage for years to come."

Dan Bacon

mountain bikes on a truck with single tailgate pads
two tailgate pads with mountain bikes on a truck

"Tsuga Gear has debuted a different take on the shuttle pad. Instead of attaching to and covering the entirety of a truck's tailgate, the handmade Pisgah Pad attaches to the bike, protecting it and the truck. Tsuga views it as a good solution for those who frequently have to take their truck pads off and on, dislike many of the bulkier systems currently on the market, or don't want to cover up backup cameras."

Daniel Sapp

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