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We are bikers, climbers, creative thinkers, and problem solvers.

Gear inspired by the mountains is our mantra and we live it every day. We're bikers, climbers, skiers, frisbee golfers, and snowboarders, brought together by an obsession with the outdoors and a passion for authentic craftsmanship. Our experiences outside inspire us to think, develop, and create innovative gear that - we hope - helps others make the most of the outdoors. 


We're committed to quality and functionality in everything we do. Our gear is adaptable, designed for you to use in the office, around the house, at the beach, in the woods, and wherever else you may be. 


We aim to continue the rich history of craftsmanship in the state of North Carolina and absolutely love calling the Appalachian Mountains home. We design, develop and manufacture all of our products in-house, giving us the freedom to evolve.


How it all started

After 15+ years working in the Outdoor Industry, Jimi Combs started Tsuga with a mission to create purpose-driven outdoor gear. While Tsuga originally began as an outdoor gear brand, the company has since evolved into two separate entities: one dedicated to your designs, and the other to ours.


Check out our products and shop Tsuga Gear, or visit us at to learn more about our Custom Design Services!