L.B.A. | Little Badass

L.B.A. | Little Badass


The perfect bag for all your everyday shenanigans


Sturdy, Spacious Main Compartment 

  • Spacious main compartment (holds approx. 13.5 L) made with Ballistic Nylon walls (requires minimal care and is highly resistant to potential damage from sharp objects, leaks, and spills)


Compact Close System

  • Flexible interior and exterior walls compress into a compact closed position (approx. 3" tall in closed position)


Drawstring Lid for Hassle-free Accessibility

  • Drawstring lid keeps items secure and ensures hassle-free accessibility (say goodbye to torn, worn, and clogged zippers!)


Detachable top strap for easy access and added versatility

  • Top strap with large G-hook for easy strap detachment and increased versatility


Sturdy and durable 60-durometer rubber base

  • 60-durometer rubber base is highly resistant to water, oil and gasoline, sunlight aging, and extreme temperatures (ranging from -30°F to +220°F)


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