Pisgah Pad - Single Pad

Pisgah Pad - Single Pad


If your truck doesn't have anchor points or if your trips are on asphalt, this set is perfect for you! Reap the benefits of the Pisgah Pad without buying unneeded gear. 



  • The handlebar strap securely holds the wheel parallel to your tailgate preventing any rubbing or scratching
  • GripTech material provides a durable and grippy surface so there isn’t any slipping on the bike or the truck



  • 60A durometer rubber prevents the pad from degrading or holding “memory”  and compression over time



  • Hinged System allows all the protection needed for your bike and truck while unfolded and allows for the convenience of rolling/riding your bike short distances when folded up



  • A N52 Neodymium magnet provides a strong connection to hold the pad in the closed position
  • Works with select E-bikes
  • Can be fastened to your bike or stored in your car, reducing the risk of theft and allowing for a frictionless transition from road to ride


Compact Design

  • Doesn’t take up usable space when not in use
  • Doesn’t cover backup cameras or restrict the use of multifunctional tailgates


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