Pisgah Pad - Single Set

Pisgah Pad - Single Set





  • The handlebar strap securely holds the wheel parallel to your tailgate preventing any rubbing or scratching
  • The hooks lock the bike(s) down to the bed of the truck stopping any unwanted movement
  • GripTech material provides a durable and grippy surface so there isn’t any slipping on the bike or the truck
  • PVC coated J-hooks protect against scuffs and scratches
  • Protects the paint on your tailgate while other pads scratch and rub the paint off, or cause paint to fade over time
  • Protects the finish on your bike by maintaining a static contact point while other pads allow your bike to slide and vibrate which in turn removes the finish on your bike especially if sand, dirt, or dust is involved



  • 60A durometer rubber prevents the pad from degrading or holding “memory”  and compression over time



  • G-hooks allow for quick and easy attachment without having to lace the cam buckle each time

  • Hinged System allows all the protection needed for your bike and truck while unfolded and allows for the convenience of rolling/riding your bike short distances when folded up

  • Doesn’t take up usable space when not in use

  • Doesn’t cover backup cameras or restrict the use of multifunctional tailgates



  • A N52 Neodymium magnet provides a strong connection to hold the pad in the closed position
  • A fork strap is included for use when not using the hooks to lock your bike down
  • J-hooks can be used to strap down all your goods; grills, kayaks, machinery, lumber, etc.
  • Works with select E-bikes
  • Can be fastened to your bike or stored in your car, reducing the risk of theft and allowing for a frictionless transition from road to ride
  • Multipurpose hooks can be used for strapping down all your goods; grills, kayak, machinery, lumber, etc.


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