Ditch the bulk. Enhance your ride.

Shop Tsuga's Pisgah Pad.


Made by riders,
for riders.

Haul down washboard roads without tearing up your bike or your truck 

Compact design doesn't block back up cams or restrict the use of multifunctional tailgates

Protects tailgate paint from short and long-term wear and tear

A static contact point protects your bike's finish from rubbing and sliding in your truck

The Pisgah Pad was brought to life after noticing that the traditional tailgate pad had damaged the paint on the back of the tailgate and rubbed an indention on the downtube of a brand new carbon fiber bike after a few trips in and out of the washboard roads that run through the Pisgah National Forest. To solve that problem the Pisgah Pad uses a material that grips the bike and the tailgate so when used with the hooks the bike is held securely in place which eliminates the constant rubbing between the bike, the pad, and the tailgate. This pad is great for solo riders or those driving to the trailhead with a buddy.


Hinged System allows for

convenience and mobility

G-hooks ensure quick and easy attachment

60A durometer rubber prevents the pad from compressing and holding “memory”

GripTech material provides a durable and grippy surface

N52 Neodymium magnet holds pad together when in closed position

The Pisgah Pad